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July 29th, 2016 by J

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There’s been a rumor about Victoria Beckham’s husband, David, who got caught by paparazzi as he was leaving the gym with his hot and sweaty fitness trainer. They say he’s boning the chick for quite sometime now but Victoria ain’t taking this shit sitting down. The feisty Posh Spice that she is always has a plan for a comeback because she vows to have known how a man’s mind work and she’s sure to make him regret that he’s sticking that cock inside someone else’s pussy. Armed with her camera, she drops by one of her lovers and starts her sweet revenge. Exposing her sexy inked and pierced body, teasing this ripped dude, she gives him one hell of a blowjob and ended up fucking rough like it would make David Beckham go mad the time he sees this video. For sure he will stop messing around as his wife here has more to expose and she doesn’t give a damn whoever watches it. High price to pay for when you cheat on a Victoria Beckham!

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April 1st, 2016 by J

It is no secret as to how Victoria Beckham rose to fame. Without her role as one of the talented singers of the group Spice Girls, she might not have been this well-known, and probably never got her shot to earn a ton and live up to the fashionista lifestyle that she built for herself. Plus, if she hasn’t been this hot, there will be no David Beckham to warm up the bed with her every single night. But it is not always the singing career that led her to become famous. She actually took some hardcore roles in porn flicks as well. She thought maybe she could strike gold with these as she seem to have the appetite for not just men but she enjoys the company of other hot and naughty women like herself.

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This video is just one of the proudest moments of Victoria when she was still in the industry and she was so damn proud because she gets to make her director horny as fuck while filming her that they had to take at least 10 takes to get the friggin’ video to record without the need to jack off on his director’s chair and make a big mess out of the set when they aren’t shooting mid-way the movie yet. Sure it sounded embarrassing but for Victoria, it meant that she is one hell of a commodity that men and women wanted to watch. She likes experimenting with her sexuality with the help of her favorite toys, which she loves testing on her new fuck buddies. And while doing some hot role playing inside this cold jail cell, she made sure to get her piece of the pie by having this kinky chick eat her cunt until she cums hard after fucking her ass with various objects.

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March 1st, 2016 by J

Who says a posh lady couldn’t loosen up and go wild when it comes to sex? She may appear to always be prim and proper, not wanting to wrinkle her clothes and all that jazz but she pretty much doesn’t give a damn about designer outfits when she wants to play. Victoria Beckham has a lot of time playing with David in their own field than any man kicking football at a stadium. Too busy making their homemade videos that hitting goals gave them 4 kids. It’s no wonder what’s keeping this marriage tight as you will be watching the proof here.

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Victoria seems to enjoy being dominated in bed, letting her hubby use their favorite toys to fuck her snatch with. She just lie there and please her husband while making him work on her with their fantasies in mind. Using lubricants just to give that feel of a very wet and ready for a rough fuck action cunt. She can’t help but grind her hips, just like she would while on top of a hard dick. Pushing herself hard on the sex toy, imagining it too be David’s stiff tongue, flicking on her clit, making her scream. While Victoria keeps on spreading those sexy stems and enjoying the kinky fun, David’s stroking his cock as if holding on a ball and aiming for a pitch. Of course he always hits home when Victoria starts panting and trying to catch her breath and eventually going crazy as she climaxes. You will never believe her nasty kinky side if you haven’t watched this video so go right ahead and bask in this naughty woman’s hot hobby.

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August 30th, 2010 by posh

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She’s very spicy indeed! Men all around the world have been blown away by the beauty of Victoria Beckham, famous for her current role as a fashion icon and her former role as one-fifth of the British pop girl band, The Spice Girls. Formerly known as the sultry Posh Spice, Victoria exudes sex appeal from every pore of her body, as you can see from these sexy nude photos of Victoria Beckham. Just check out those delicious mouth-watering breasts!

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Whether she’s wearing classy evening gowns for social events or casual, sporty clothes while watching hubby David Beckham’s soccer games, she manages to look sexy and extremely desirable. What more if you can see her stark naked? Prepare yourself for some eye candy as we present to you Victoria Beckham in her birthday suit! The images featuired here are just samples of what you can find when you check out these hot naked pictures of Victoria Beckham.

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April 20th, 2010 by posh

If you were lucky to have been cruising the cobbled streets of Britain and saw Victoria Beckham clopping off somewhere, you know she never steps out of her home dressed without glamour in mind. She’s always dressed up to the T, and appropriately too, whether it be for a casual walk to the jewelers, or for a red carpet appearance up at the high street. And bless that goddess, because she’s got such the best choice of clothing to incite dirty thoughts from her purveyors, street-wise or web-wise. Just like this all-black number we snapped Posh Spice with here; if kinky roleplaying is nothing new to you, Victoria will certainly look to you as if she’s off to a dominatrix-themed fuck session in the seedier backstreets of London with the other celebrity skanks from across the pond. She looks to be in complete gear, from the constricting, leather pencil skirt, the cleavage-making secretary blouse, and the black handbag that could very well contain a coiled whip, a pair of cuffs, and a gag to bind her possible man slave for the evening’s activities.

All that fantasizing coming from these seemingly harmless, but still hot paparazzi photos of Victoria Beckham on the move for some action. You’d better hop the double decker bus too and check out more of her pictures.

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Are you ready for more hidden Victoria Beckham sleaze exposed? Then brace yourselves as we give you these explicit and revealing hardcore sex pictures of the former Spice Girls member as she spreads her legs and ass wide open while our guys get their steel-hard cocks pumping and stuffing her gaping love holes in all sorts of provocative positions that will keep your pecker stand at attention as you browse through tons and tons of her hardcore sex photos with our exclusive photo set that is too hot to handle!

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This former Spice Girls member may have something “naughty” to keep to herself but no matter how hard she tries to keep things in the dark, several individuals (like us) will eventually dig up those secrets and reveal them to the world to satisfy the public’s curiosity. We happen to have unearthed these raunchy photos of Victoria Beckham getting her daily beauty regimen of facial at home and we are not talking about beauty creams or lotions here ladies and gentlemen, when we mean facial, we mean “facial” literally! Witness Victoria get down on her knees and play with the biggest and hardest cocks in town and gives them a good round of blowjobs until these dudes squirt their creamy cum on her face and inside her hungry mouth.

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We all know her as Posh Spice from that phenomenal girl group Spice Girls back in the 90’s and Victoria Beckham (nee Adams) exuberates flair and glamor among the other Spice Girls members that even the most dashing and sought-after bachelor like soccer superstar David Beckham couldn’t help but bowl over this babe until they decided to tie the knot in 1999. And even this famous hottie was not spared from the harsh reality of Hollywood fame that soon reports of nude photos started circulating and we did a little sleaze-searching until we dug up a hefty load of those elusive pictures and we have gathered them into one exciting photo set that you’ll get to see for the first time as Victoria Beckham sheds off her signature clothes and expose her tits and pussy for all of mankind to enjoy.

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